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Human Looking Aliens Among Us

Interview with Timothy Good

By Paola Harris


August 11, 2007

“PH: You have so much work and so much research that I’m going to focus on the human-alien question because it’s the one that’s cropped up in Italy right now with the two books that are out, talking about underwater bases and human-type aliens. Why do you think civilization has commercialized the one face, the one image of the alien being, the EBE, the extraterrestrial biological entity?

TG: Because the ones who look like humans are not dramatic enough.”


PH: What have you learned about the extraterrestrial presence on Earth?

TG: In the last chapter of Unearthly Disclosure I discuss the revelations that I’ve learned from military and intelligence personnel regarding the status quo. And that information dates back to the late 1980’s, about 1989. So it’s a bit out of date, but very significant. I was told that aliens have long-established bases here, that they’ve been here for a very long time.

PH: So you were talking about the end of this book having these conclusions.

TG: Yes. I was given a great deal of information pertaining to alien bases on this planet which are in specific locations in the United States.

PH: Do you mention it?

TG: Yes. One in Australia, and two in the Pacific, that there are large bases in the Pacific Ocean and some in the Bermuda area, in the Caribbean there’s one.

PH: These are also cities, right? Entire cities?

TG: I wouldn’t know, I haven’t seen them.

PH: But what does your information say?

TG: If you look also at the information supplied by the Venezuelan contactee, I’ve forgotten his name – Enrique Casteo Rincon and he was taken in the late 1970’s to two alien bases, one of which was in the Andes. The other was in the Marianus Trench, which is the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean. This goes down 11,000 meters, and somewhere in the face of the trench there was a very large alien base which he described as like huge undersea globes which were completely self-contained, with plants and human-type beings.

PH: When I say base, Timothy, I’m thinking of a military base, because people are thinking that aliens have military bases.

TG: Well, a base doesn’t have to be military, does it? I mean, you can have a base camp.

PH: Yes, but when people think of a base, they think of a military base.

TG: Well, they shouldn’t.

PH: So I want to establish that when you and I are talking about bases, we mean a place where they are.

TG: I would also suggest that many of these beings have been on this planet a great deal longer than we have. So they’re not just visiting, they’re people that have been on this planet longer than Homo Sapiens and in fact were responsible for our development. We are a hybridized race.

PH: And they’re not all greys.

TG: Not at all.

PH: This is what I want to get out to the people.

TG: They’re a different species.

PH: They’re a different species, and a great number of them are humanoid.

TG: Certainly.

PH: And some of them could possibly pass for humans.

TG: Definitely.

PH: And this is the thing that people can’t get across in their minds. They want to stamp aliens as a stereotypical little grey with big eyes, and that’s all that’s on this planet, and that’s it. But that isn’t the case.

TG: There are many different types, and some of them are certainly humanoid, related to us genetically.

PH: What does this contactee say? What were they like?

TG: They were very cool, emotionally, with him. There were men and women there. He met them over a period of several years. He befriended this guy who was actually posing as a Swiss businessman, met him in South America. He was a sales rep for men’s aftershave lotion and things like that. Enrique befriended this guy over a long period, thought he was a very interesting person, rather strange behaviour, but then later on he, Enrique, was beamed on board a craft that had come out of a lake in South America. I don’t recall the exact location. And there was this guy, who he thought was a Swiss businessman.

PH: This sounds familiar. We’ve got to follow this up. It is an interesting case that this man, who looked like a Swiss businessman was one of them.

TG: I had my own encounter, so I can speak from experience that the people --

PH: Can you go into more detail?

TG: Well, I published this in some of my stories. For example, in 1967 I was with the London Symphony Orchestra in New York. I’d already met some friends of George Adamski, who said that these beings were living here, and I’d already had an experience in 1963 in America with a woman who telepathically confirmed that she was from elsewhere when I asked her in my mind. The same thing happened in New York in February 1967. I sent out a thought that I would like some proof that there are beings from other worlds living here and working here, and after about half an hour this guy comes into my New York hotel. He was about five feet ten inches, immaculately dressed in a dark grey suit, white shirt, dark tie, with slightly wavy hair, slightly tanned skin, very intelligent looking. What I had done was, before this had happened I had sat down in the lobby and said in my mind, “if there are any of you guys in the New York area, come down and sit next to me and prove it”. And as I say, about half an hour later this guy came in and sat down beside me. He had an attaché case with him, and he opened it very deliberately, took out the New York Times, turned the pages over like this, folded the paper, put the paper back and sat there like that. So I thought, this man is right here. I thought in my mind, “If you are from another world, take your right index finger and hold it to the right side of your nose, and keep it there.” And immediately I thought that, he did just that then got up and went back out.

PH: What book is that recorded in?

TG: Alien Bases. So anyway, there were a few other encounters. The one with the woman was in 1963. People have said to me, why didn’t you talk to these people? And I said, I don’t know why I didn’t talk to them. Last year, I won’t go into all the details, but I had the opportunity to talk to someone who I believe could have been from elsewhere.

PH: Can you tell what country you were in when this other incident happened?

TG: Europe will do. I had the conviction that this man was from elsewhere. This time there was no telepathic confirmation but I was convinced that this man was from elsewhere, and I actually put out my hand. He barely touched it, he looked at me. I looked him full in the face and I said, “I think that you have a great deal of knowledge.” He didn’t say a word and that was it. It’s very poor evidence compared to the previous one, but you get to know little characteristics of how these people operate.

PH: We don’t have a base of study for human-type aliens. So we’re talking about evidence, there are very few people who dare to talk about them. So we don’t have any kind of protocol in place My book ( Exopolitics: How Does One Speak to a BallOf Light) talks about the Einstein-Oppenheimer document, the Majestic-12 letter where they talk about the future, getting together and making protocols for these people who come and visit. The question is “who should represent Earth” and that was in 1947 that Einstein and Oppenheimer tried to give that letter to PresidentTruman.

TG: Is that true?

PH: You need to read what was said, because it was very interesting. It is in the Majestic Documents.

TG: I have read them. Tim Cooper sent them to me years ago.

PH: It says that there had to be a “super-United Nations” in place to represent Earth because there was no one country that could represent the human species. It said that these people could have cultures. The date was June 1947, which was way before Roswell.

TG: Well, we’d recovered craft before. There was one in 1945 in New Mexico, apparently, there was one in 1941 in Missouri apparently. There was a Hawaiian one in 1944 the United States Navy recovered a craft. Also, of course, Italy in 1933. There’s a reproduction of the document.

PH: The Mussolini X-File?

TG: Yes. That was just one example of the 1933 telegram.

PH: You have so much work and so much research that I’m going to focus on the human-alien question because it’s the one that’s cropped up in Italy right now with the two books that are out, talking about underwater bases and human-type aliens. Why do you think civilization has commercialized the one face, the one image of the alien being, the EBE, the extraterrestrial biological entity?

TG: Because the ones who look like humans are not dramatic enough.

PH: But it’s caused a lot of people to dismiss Adamski.

TG: Adamski was right on a great deal of stuff, and he also worked for the United States government. Did you know that?

PH: No, I didn’t.

TG: He had a government Ordinance Department – it’s in Alien Base, you can read about it.

PH: Is that why he was buried at Arlington?

TG: He was buried at Arlington because he’d served in the military. This was around the early 1900’s. So anyone who has served in the military can be buried at Arlington, there’s nothing mysterious about that.

PH: Adamski’s basic message was that they’re here, they’re humanoid, they’re like us, and they have to visit all the major powers, including the Vatican.

TG: They did. Adamski did visit the Pope in May of 1963, that’s for sure.

PH: With a definite message.

TG: Yes. From the people he was in contact with, from other worlds. He was also the first to say that aliens were liaising with some of our military people. He first said that in the 1950’s.

PH: Okay, well, Adamski was concurrent with Eugenia Siragusa from Sicily.

TG: Another very interesting contactee. He went a bit peculiar later one, but of course it’s a difficult thing for people to live with.

PH: The contactee whose story I am researching now is named Maurizio Cavallo and he was one of Siragusa’s people. He was thirteen years old and was in Sicily - In that group, was also Giorgio Buongiovanni with Maurizio Cavallo. And Cavallo says that he actually saw the tall blonds with the blue outfits walking around Siragusa’s home under Mt. Etna.

TG: I’ve written about a lot of those earlier Italian cases from the 1950’s. They are absolutely fascinating and very, very important I think.

PH: But Timothy, he has four letters from President Eisenhower. I have one of them in my new book.

TG: Exactly. They’re very interesting cases. And there’s a new book, I gather, that’s in English, about the Italian contactees of that period, which I’m hoping to buy while I’m here.

PH: Because Siragusa had this contact, and Adamski had this contact, why would Eisenhower write to him?

TG: I don’t know, I haven’t seen the letter.

PH: I have it. It’s genuine. There are four of them.

TG: Is he still alive?

PH: No, but his wife and son are still there and are giving out his material. Of the four letters, I have a Xerox copy of one. It’s very cordial,. It’s got Eisenhower’s name at the top, and he just says something generic like “ Yes, we will do the best we can, we’re hoping for your best interests” and so forth. It’s signed with his signature. Are you one of the researchers who believes that Eisenhower had contact?

TG: Definitely. But I can’t comment on the letter, because I haven’t seen it.

PH: Then that would make sense. I can send you a copy of this letter so you can see it. What would Eisenhower be doing writing to an Italian contactee?

TG: I feel certain there is a base in the Mediterranean.

PH: So in the 1950’s and 1960’s there was an attempt by human-looking aliens, and let’s leave Billy Meier aside, to contact humanity and that is generally dismissed because they’re human-looking.

TG: Yep. Those are the facts as they are related to us. They are our older brothers, if you like. They’ve been here much longer than we have.

PH: I agree with you. How do we change this around, since the contact has already happened?

TG: I don’t know, I think it’s going to have to come from evidence, maybe scientific evidence of previous civilizations. We talk about Atlantis and Lemuria. Maybe some real, solid evidence will emerge sometime in the future.

PH: Do you think our governments know that some of them look like us?

TG: Well, when you talk about governments, you have to realize that very few people in governments know what’s going on. It’s such a sensitive subject that it’s very, very restricted. But those few in governments who do have access to the information, are very well aware that there are communications and contacts with some military people, certainly some scientists, and maybe a few other ordinary human beings as well. And they have been going on for a very, very long time, maybe for thousands of years.

PH: Do you think that any of these individuals or groups that look like us, have been cooperating with a lot of the advanced engineering?

TG: I think it’s possible, yes. But to what degree, I don’t know. It’s quite possible that we have allies, friends who have been helping us develop more efficient ways of transportation. I do not know for sure. I hear rumors that they have given us weaponry. I think Canadian ex minister of Defense Paul Hellyer sort of indicated that we were preparing for Star Wars, a war in space, and he was very worried about all that. That would be very worrying, I think, if that’s true. But there are indications that there is a threat posed by some species, that’s for sure.

PH: That means they’re not all positive. That’s important to note. Last question, is there a spiritual message here, and what would it be?

TG: That we are spiritual beings, and there is a link with these people going back millennia, and there will be positive signs on the horizon for a tremendous advance in human understanding of our place in the universe.

PH: So there’s still hope.

TG: There’s the potential there, definitely, yes. One has to think positively.

PH: Is this one of the reasons why you’re still in the field, and working so hard at disclosure?

TG: Possibly. I don’t know for sure, but I’m driven. It’s what I’m here to do, so I do it. Maybe that’s the reason.



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