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Debut of Maurizio Cavallo Book

Beyond The Heavens

At the Earth Transformation Conference
On the big Island of Hawaii
sponsored by The Exopolitics Institute
May 16th to18th

Preface by Paola Leopizzi Harris

“You will have some moments of terrible loneliness and will be separated by your fellow man, but don’t be afraid, we are not leaving you”. These were the words that the alien beings from Clarion said to Maurizio Cavallo or Jhlos well known Italian contactee.

His story is quite powerful, filled with emotion, sensuality, torment and euphoria; a mixture of contrasting emotions. It is a story of agony and transformation, of growth and madness. It makes one question our reality, the nature of our space-time continuum, our history, and our roots. We question all of it as the truth is revealed to Maurizio through his contact, which took place in the Italian Alps starting in 1981.

Maurizio has the most amazing talent; one born out of his own torment, of his own transcendence, of his own loneliness and out of his art comes beauty, sound and creation. Jhlos or Maurizio plays music, paints, sculpts, and writes. He is a consummated artist isolated from Society. Maurizio has collected many many Polaroid photos of what he calls the people of the Galactic Federation and many images alien crafts especially in the Piedmont Area of Italy

His liquid blue eyes are often covered by dark glasses as he protects himself from a hostile world, one created by current skepticism of the UFO phenomenon, in particular the abduction phenomena which I personally to call contact. I have as a journalist, long avoided covering these kind of stories because they are so controversial. But this one should be heard.

I was lucky enough to be allowed into his inner sanctum, he says by design but I call it coincidence. The Clarion people want their presence on the planet known. Consequently, I have done many stories on Maurizio Cavallo plus I aided in having his Italian book Oltre il Cielo translated for you to read, or rather to “experience”. This book is an unearthly experience and a realization that we have human looking aliens quite like us living and working on Earth. It is their intention says Maurizio to raise the “ vibration” of this humanity, aid us in the coming Earth changes and most of all to offer us hope that we will find our true destiny in the stars.

As they told Maurizio “we are not leaving you”. May that be a wish for us all!


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